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Why Gujarati food is sweeter compared to food from other states?

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Each state has its own distinct flavor as far as its cuisine is concerned. There is some kind of a trademark, of every state, that one tends to remember the moment one takes the name of the specific state. The same applies to Gujarat too.

Gujarati food is sweeter when compared to food from other states. Even their pickles are predominantly sweet. Why? Let us delve deep into the reasons for the same.

There is this faint taste of sweetness in majority of the Gujarati dishes that make them distinct from the various other cuisines in the country. Owing to this sweetness levels, one can consider the Gujarati food as being highly energy efficient. The moment one consumes a sweet after a considerable amount of time, they feel a gush of energy into their system.

Therefore, the sweetness in most of the Gujarati dishes not only adds to the taste but also contribute towards the health aspect.

Over sweetness in the dishes may not be good for health, but when sweetness in the cuisine is brought forth by jaggery, it adds on to the health quotient. This subtle sweetness in the dishes will prevent a person’s body from getting dehydrated and sapped out of glucose and insulin levels. Tomatoes, lemon, sugar and salt are used predominantly in all the dishes. A tinge of sugar or even jaggery is added to dals and vegetable dishes. It is believed that this sweet flavor will neutralize the bland taste that the vegetables come in.
There are certain sweet dishes that are served as accompaniments with other dishes. For instance, we have the kadhi that is accompanied with a yogurt based sweet dish, which may take the form of shrikhand or doodhpak. There are meals in festive occasions wherein wheat based sweet dishes are prepared.

All in all, Gujarati dishes do bring in the best taste for food aficionados from across the country.

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