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Top 10 Diwali Delicacies For Festive Season

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A fast look around your neighbourhood is sufficient to let you know the way Diwali festivities have taken over the nation.  Vibrant clay diyas, colourful lights, and gorgeous Rangolis in the frontyards – Diwali is here and we’re enjoying every bit of this joyous spirit. In the same way as every other Indian festival, food is a fundamental part of Diwali celebrations too.  Below are a few signature Diwali dishes which matches the festive joy. How about preparing a some of these in your home?  Take a look at our 10 finest traditional Diwali recipes:

Kaju barfiKaju Barfi

During Diwali get together, these diamond shaped cashew-and-milk based sweet truly spend the halwai shops by storm. They are really simple to prepare and can be ready at home in less than one hour.



Chakli is really a crispy bite made from rice flour, then deep fried in hot oil.  Also Called Murukku at South India, Chakli has been created and served in enormous quantities during Diwali and Narak Chaturdashi parties in Maharashtra.



Nankhatai could be called as snacks or Indian cookies.  They’re created out of all-purpose flour, sugar and ghee or butter. There are lots of versions of nankhatai. You can also included some besan or ground flour together with sooji/rava or semolina.



This soft conventional Gujarati snack tastes like papad or chips and usually consumed throughout the yearly Diwali festival.  Its sour and hot flavour of chilli powder and dry mango powder makes it one of most irresistible Diwali snack. Creating a totally soft and light chorafali in your home is sometimes hard but not impossible.



Sondesh is a tasty bengali sweet, widespread all over India and overseas.  It’s frequently prepared for festivals and special events. There are many variants of creating sandesh, all of them are quite straightforward as much as simply kneading up the 3 primary components sugar, paneer and cardamom powder.  Refrigerate for several hours and enjoy with family.



Light, sweet and creamy, this chilled rice soup flavoured with rose water is the best accompaniment for Diwali party. Top it with chopped nuts up for extra indulgence.  You may also add saffron (kesar) too.


dahi vadaDahi vada

Dahi Vada is a renowned North Indian side dish which you may enjoy everywhere.  Prepared using lentil and yoghurt, this easy-to-make recipe has been adored by people of all age classes.  This recipe can be actually an amalgamation of spices, chutney, crispy vada, yogurt and freshly chopped coriander.



A Guajarati style fast and yummy tender snack made from thin poha (flattened rice), dried fruits, peanuts, and spices. This edition of poha chivda is created because it is easy to make savory snack during festivals and liked by adults and kids alike.



Bhakarwadi is just one such delicacy that’s a favourite sweet and hot snack recipe.  It’s prepared by mixing besan and all-purpose flour that’s then topped with mix of spices.  It’s then afterwards rolled and cut into spiral shapes that’s deep fried until golden crisp.



Dhokla is a really common snack in the gujarati cuisine.  From the mithai stores, what one has is khaman that’s also referred to as khaman dhokla.  Whereas the fermented dhokla isn’t so much readily available in stores and shops. Dhokla is fermented and created with chana dal and rice batter. They taste too great and result in a delicious bite.

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