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Spice Up Your South Indian Delicacies with Karamat

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South Indian delicacies occupy a special place in the map of tasty Indian cuisine. Whether it is masala dosas or onion rawa masalas; uttapams to sambhars, the vegetarian specialties from the South have always been a source of rich nourishment and great taste. Bringing with them the distinct aroma of coconuts and an always interesting mix of local spices, South Indian recipes have garnered so much popularity that eateries located in far and wide areas have included them in their menu. Now with Karamat’s unique South Indian pastes and mixes, you can get to bring the flavours of the South into your very own home. From main courses to sweet and sour accompaniments, Karamat introduces a fine range of products that are sure to satisfy all taste buds. Check out the all new Sambhar Paste, Coconut Chutney Mix, Idli Batter Mix and Dosa Batter Mix that are made from only the finest ingredients. All products are available in the market in the form of 1 kilogram packages.

Sambhar Paste

Sambhar is a preparation that is often served as an accompaniment along with dishes like idlis, vadas and dosas. A major component of South Indian cuisine, it is known for its simple, spicy, tangy flavour. Made from the best spices, Karamat Sambhar Paste allows you to create the best add on to such popular dishes like idli sambhar and vada sambhar.

Coconut Chutney Mix

Coconut chutney is a well known preparation that is served as a complementary add on to some of the most loved South Indian dishes. It is fast and easy to prepare and acts as a mild-flavoured dip against the rather hot sambhar. Karamat Coconut Chutney Mix is made with a subtle mix of spices which is then tempered with fresh curry leaves. The result is a charming side dish that can be consumed with dosas, idlis and mendu vadas.

Idli Batter Mix

Idlis are popular rice preparations that are often eaten as breakfast items or as evening snacks. Commonly served in twos with sambhar, chutney or some other accompaniments, they are now eaten in almost all parts of the world. Now Karamat’s Idli Batter Mix presents you with the opportunity to enjoy them any time you want without going through the tedious routines of soaking the rice, then grinding and fermenting the dough to prepare idlis. Just mix it with water and keep the paste for some time to create soft and deliciously smooth idlis all the year round.

Dosa Batter Mix

An all-time favourite South Indian preparation, dosa can be had with anything, starting from paneer masala, potato masala, carrots, onions, or cashews. This versatile dish can be had in a number of variations that can range from being plain and crispy to soft and thick. Now you can make this evergreen dish in a number of variations and styles with Karamat’s all new Dosa Batter Mix.

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