Serve Customers Quickly with Ready-To-Cook Gravies from FSIL
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Serve Customers Quickly with Ready-To-Cook Gravies from FSIL

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FSIL or Food Solution India Limited, which is one of the most well known brands, has launched some sumptuous delicacies on the eve of this New Year. This will not only help food lovers taste one of the most scrumptious ready to eat delicacies, but also help restaurants, hotels and catering providers save a lot of their time and effort in the kitchen. Now taste some of the most authentic opulent ready to cook gravies, which are 100% authentic, natural and imbibed with the world’s best herbs that are healthy as well.

What kinds of food are served?

Choose from some of the most moth watering menus like appetizers and soups, delicious starters, South Indian tangy main courses, and a wide range of different kinds of preparations that will help reduce manual labor, time and effort and also help you to taste exotic meals! Taste some of the most delicious and tangy soup recipes comprising of Tomato soups, hot and sour soups, and sweet corn soup mixes. If you are a born foodie then you cannot resist the taste of the Hara Bhara Kebab mix, the cheese ball mix with the accompaniment or red marinade paste and the white marinade paste. The mint chutney and the sweet and sour sauce are definitely an addition. You can also choose from a number of Gujarati delicacies, Biriyani mix, South Indian delicacies, and pure vegetarian food with no garlic and no onion.

A New Addition to the list with the Ready to eat gravy dishes

FSIL has recently introduced a new range of ready to cook gravy and curry dishes for restaurant owners, catering providers and hotels who would like to make an assortment of dishes at the minimum possible time with less effort as well. Choose from a range of brown gravy base, Red gravy base, and white gravy base, which are delicious, tempting and healthy as well.

What makes the ready to eat Gravy dishes so favorable among restaurants, hotels and caterers?

Gravy is one of the most important ingredients in a dish and gravy can make or break a dish as well. Making good gravy is quite a challenge and ready to cook gravies are definitely a boon for restaurants, hotels and caterers who would be cooking a yummy platter for their clients. There are various reasons as to why the ready to eat gravy dishes are so preferable among restaurants, hotels and caterers

  • These gravy dishes are 100% authentic
  • They are available at all times
  • These gravy dishes can easily be presented and then cleaned up without any kind of mess
  • They are cost effective
  • They are made with the world’s best herbs, which makes then scrumptious and healthy as well and can preserve the nutritional value.
  • They can help in preparation of one or more dishes at one point of time including vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes which will make them all the more efficient as well.
  • Decreases the cost of food and time of preparation
  • Can be preserved for a long time
  • Cook dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala, Paneer Butter Masala with this gravy within just minutes

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