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How Ready To Cook Wholesale Food Supplier Can Be Helpful To Hotels, Restaurants & Catering Service Providers?

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The sun seldom sets on the restaurant and hotel industry. Us Indians, being so fond of scrumptious food, getting together with our family and enjoying a delicious hearty meal, is an essential part of our lives. Be it a birthday or any other type of celebration, we find ourselves pushing through the doors of our favourite restaurant, to enjoy our favourite meals. Thus, hotels and restaurants find themselves, serving connoisseurs of food, day in and day out. Another factor that attracts customers to hotels and restaurants is the wide variety of food items that they display on their menus. From continental to Indian, you name it, they have it. One can get a plateful of noodles, along with a mughlai mutton dish, and a heart warming soup, all at the same place. And thus our chefs and cooks work hard in the kitchens to provide quality food across all cuisines.

It is common knowledge in the business of preparing and serving food, that the customer is king, and thus all the efforts by restaurants and catering services should be aimed at enhancing the experience of the customer that they serve. As a result, chefs toil day in and day out, preparing the best meals to satiate their customers. However, to err is human and thus most of the chefs struggle with maintaining the quality and balance of spices in the food items, while also being prompt with service.

The issue arises due to various reasons. Today, most of the restaurants offer a wide variety of food ranging from Punjabi cuisine, south Indian cuisine and mughlai cuisine to soups, salads and appetisers. Such a wide menu requires the chefs to prepare a lot of gravies and other accompaniments such as chutneys, in advance, so as to provide speedy service to the customers. As a result, the gravies when reheated, lose their original fresh taste, and overtime the quality and taste declines. Not only that, the staler the preparations get, the more health hazard they pose. So is there a solution to this conundrum? Yes there is one!

Ready to Cook gravies, a revolutionary line of products from Food Solution (India) Limited are here to change the game. The Ready to Cook Gravies provide a time saving, hygienic and tasty solution to the problems that chefs face in the kitchen daily. Keeping in mind the needs of commercial kitchens, the wholesale retail of the product saves the owner a significant amount of expenditure. With this product, chefs no longer have to toil over large quantities of gravy, and can focus on other important aspects such as presentation, service quality etc. With just a kilogram of the Ready to Cook Gravy, cooks can prepare 5-6 litres of gravy and also add accompaniments of their choice, such as paneer slices, potato slices, chicken pieces, mutton pieces etc, to give the dish their own unique touch. What else, it’s as easy as preparing instant noodles!

Let us now take an in-depth look, at how these Ready to Cook gravies can help hotels, restaurants, and catering service providers.

Maintaining Quality

How many times have you visited your favourite restaurant, tasted the food and thought to yourself, “It is not as good as the last time.”?

This occurs because chefs in commercial kitchens prepare large quantities of gravy for service, and sometimes some of this gravy does not get consumed by the end of the day, in such a case it is saved for the next day, owing to the time, ingredients and other amenities that were used while preparing it. As a result, in an attempt to cut down waste and avoid wastage of money, restaurants often serve stale gravy to the customers. Not only does the stale gravy takes away from the quality of the dish, but also leaves customers dissatisfied. Another problem that arises while preparing gravies and chutneys, every other day is that even a slight discrepancy in the balance of spices and flavours, could ruin the entire preparation. These problems can now be solved by Ready to Cook gravies that guarantee the exact same flavour and quality, in each packet. All the while, chefs no longer have to whip up huge batches, with a very short preparation time, the Ready to Cook gravies can be prepared in the quantity you want, whenever you want, however you want.

Easy Customisation

Every cook likes to put their own spin on every dish, that makes it unique and the Ready to Cook gravies provide you every opportunity to do so. While the gravy mixture already contains the basic spices, chefs can add extra spices, accompaniments and other such specifications, to customise the gravy to their own liking. The product is designed especially to save the chefs the trouble of doing the basic task of preparing gravies, soups, chutneys and marinades over and over again, while providing them the option of moulding the gravy their own way, and creating a dish that is class apart.

Wide Variety

Just as a commercial kitchen is not just confined to gravies, the Ready to Cook gravy product line offers chefs a myriad of products like white gravy, brown gravy, red gravy, mint chutney, sweet and sour chutney, soups, marinade mixes, biryani mixes, gravy mixes without onions and garlic, sambar mix, dosa mix, idli batter etc. The product line takes care of all your kitchen needs, ranging from breakfast and snacks to lunch and dinner.

Easy On The Pocket

No longer do hotel and restaurant owners need to empty their pockets over purchase of ingredients, cooking gas, oil etc. The Ready to Cook gravies not only save time, but also are easy on the pocket. Where a standard brown gravy takes about an hour to prepare and a myriad of ingredients, 1 kg of brown gravy can produce about 5 to 6 litres of gravy, by just adding water, that too, in half the time. As the gravy mixes are available for wholesale purchase, a large scale order would be extremely cost effective for hotel owners. The money thus saved, can then be used for other purposes, such as beautification of the restaurant, hiring more staff, or improving service quality.

Customer Friendly

It is common knowledge that customers are attracted to eateries that offer the tastiest food at the lowest rates, because let’s be honest, we all like our pockets to be a little fuller than a little emptier. Thus, it could do a business wonders if they could somehow cut down on their expenditure, and consequently cut down the rates of the dishes they offer. With Ready to Cook gravies, you can now achieve this, without compromising on the quality or quantity of the servings, because not only does the wholesale supply reduce the input cost, but also the minimal cooking time and easy preparation helps you avoid wastage due to leftovers.

Environment Friendly

The hotel industry generates a lot of waste in the form of leftover food, peels, packaging etc. This product not only allows you to generate less waste in the form of leftovers and packaging, but also helps you practice environment friendly cooking. After all, we are all responsible for helping the community reduce their carbon footprint on the planet.

Entrepreneur Friendly

Not only existing hotel owners, but entrepreneurs willing to dabble into the business of preparing and serving food can also benefit from this wonderful product. The wide range of Ready to Cook gravies can help cut down on the start up cost of the business. Not only that, with this product, an entrepreneur may also start a hotel or restaurant without employing a highly professional chef. Since the mix is easy to prepare and guarantees excellent taste and balance of flavours each time, even a sous chef would suffice. As mentioned earlier, it’s as easy as preparing instant noodles!

When adopted correctly, this revolutionary product can change the way commercial kitchens function, making them more efficient, less waste producing and much more consistent with taste. Chefs can now churn their creative wheels and device new improvements to their dishes, without having to worry about the mundane task of preparing gravies, chutneys and soups. Whereas, hotel owners can now integrate the use of Ready to Cook gravies into their commercial kitchens for a smoother operation, which will result in a smoother business, ultimately resulting in a rise in profits.

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