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Ready To Cook Sambhar For Hotels & Restaurants

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The Indian food is loved by everyone! The varieties, flavors, styles, combinations, and spices! The Indian food is generally distinguished as per the regions. For instance, north Indian food, Fast food, South Indian food, etc. In that too we have, Gujarati food, Mumbai food, Goan food, Kolkata food and what not! Wherever you go, you would find some different variety and type of food.

Especially, when it comes to south Indian food, you can find loads of types and sub-types. You get to taste, Dosa, Sambhar, Rasam, Idli, Wada Sambhar, Rice with Sambhar, Butter Milk Sambhar, Uttapam, Appam and many more. They mostly use rice flour for their healthy and light dishes. Many people say that they love south Indian curry- that is “Sambhar” because of its unique taste that is not available elsewhere. There are many restaurants which are popular for their unmatching taste and quality.

Well, making a typical south Indian Sambhar can be made easy with the help of “Ready to Cook Sambhar”. Yes,  you read that right! The restaurants which wish to serve proper South Indian Sambhar can take all the benefits of Ready to Cook Sambhar.

What is Ready to Cook Sambhar?

Ready to Cook Sambhar is a packaged paste of Sambhar which, when cooked with additional water, spices (Masala) can produce 10 times more Sambhar. For example- if you use 1 kg pack of ready to cook Sambhar paste, you can make up to 9-10 liters of Sambhar with ease. You just need to add some required spices, cook it for a few minutes and tada! The similar thing is very useful for caterers and hotels too.

Ready to Cook Sambhar is Beneficial for Hotels and Caterers

We know how hectic and responsible work is given to the Caterers. They need to manage time, resources and they have to be multitasking. They would not sit and prepare the Sambhar or other items on the spot. So, to save the efforts and manage time, they switch to Ready to Cook Sambhar for perfect taste. When purchased in bulk, the ready to cook Sambhar packets can be indeed great for serving to a large number of people at one time.

For Hotels, the perfect food is very necessary. Without punctuality and quality in food serving, a hotel may lose its prestige and goodwill from customers’ views. The hotel staff can get south Indian cuisine demand at any time, for which they must be prepared in advance. To increase their quality and punctuality, they must use Ready to Cook Sambhar packs. This, will not only serve the proper taste and quantity, but also will leave a great impression on the customers.

Restaurants face the alike situations. The restaurants which serve south Indian food or are popular in south Indian cuisine, use the ready to cook Sambhar, as it is their daily requirement and it is very easy to store. The Sambhar packets can be stored up to several days for future use, so buying in bulk is a smarter choice for such restaurants.

There are many advantages of Ready to Cook Sambhar which makes it an innovative product for all the restaurants, hotels, caterers and even chefs. Many of renowned chefs recommend the use of Ready to Cook Sambhar for perfect taste.

Benefits of Ready to Cook Sambhar

Time-saving: With the help of Ready to Cook Sambhar, you can easily cook Sambhar in just a few minutes without any pre-preparations.

No Wastage: As there are different sizes of Ready to Cook Sambhar packs available, you can use it as per your required quantity. It would save your time as well as will reduce the wastage.

Money Saving: when you buy the Ready to Cook Sambhar in bulk instead of preparing it normally, there appears a large difference in the money spent. The ready to cook packets are really very reasonably priced Especially for restaurants, caterers, and hotels.

Easy To Cook: who doesn’t like simple and easy cooking? Well, to make your routine simple, and smoother, start using these Ready to Cook Sambhar packets.

Healthy: We can’t compromise health in the name of ease. We have to keep the quality of food finest and purest. And the Ready to Cook Sambhar is rich with quality and healthy ingredients.

Customization: Customization can be easily achieved with the Ready To Cook Sambhar. You can add or remove the ingredients you want.

So, we are here to help the various restaurants, caterers, and hotels to minimize their time and expenses whilst serving the Best Quality Sambhar to the customers! To know more, visit our website and feel free to send us your queries. We would be happy to assist you with all the details related to ready to Cook Sambhar recipes and packets.

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