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How FSIL is changing the habits of Chefs with Ready To Cook Products

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In today’s India, food has become much more than a necessity, as the age of the internet has given birth to food bloggers, good food is now a hobby. Although one might argue that Indians have always had a knack for delicious food, evident from the sheer variety of dishes that hail from the different regions of our country, today one can find so much more. From Mexican to continental, from Lebanese to Japanese, the Indian of today is spoilt for choice. Eateries across the country provide a plethora of delicacies ranging from the most exotic dishes to familiar desi delights, cooked to perfection.

Food Solutions India Limited (FSIL) wants to make a difference in how these delicacies are prepared.

Established in 2007 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Food Solutions India Limited (FSIL) has always been a company with a vision: A vision to revolutionize the way food is prepared in restaurants and hotels across India. FSIL with their ready to cook products aims not only to transform the way food is prepared but also to make the entire process much more efficient, making life easier for the chefs who sweat it out for hours in the kitchen.

FSIL’s prime focus is serving the food industry with ready to cook mixes, pastes, bases, marinades, instant food mixes etc, which act as the core ingredients of many dishes, thus saving time and streamlining the preparation process. With FSIL products, chefs spend less time in grinding, cutting and chopping the essential ingredients for their dishes and focus more on the preparation of the dish itself.

The name of their product line is Karamat: Master Mix for Master Chefs and it is an extensive range of products. Karamat products include three flavors of basic soup mixes of tomato, hot & sour and sweet corn; starters such as harabhara kabab and cheese ball mix; red and white paste marinades, chutney and sauce mixes, bases for gravies and curries, like the white, red and brown gravy bases.

Their products also cover South Indian dishes as they have coconut chutney, idli batter and dosa batter mixes along with sambhar paste. Jain food is an integral part of Indian cuisine and FSIL has “no onion and no garlic” versions of their brown and red gravy bases to meet the needs of Jains. They also have Biryani paste, a Gujarati daal and green gravy paste.

Thus it’s quite evident from the long list of products that FSIL is providing chefs across the nation with more efficient alternatives for preparing most popular types of foods that can satiate the palate of any food lover. The various bases, mixes and gravy pastes also allow chefs to freely improvise and utilize FSIL’s products to create new and different kinds of delicacies.

As FSIL follows the Business to Business or B2B model, their transactions take place with hotels, restaurants, cafes, and other bulk kitchens, such as industrial canteens, commercial kitchens. Their products are not meant for retail. All their products come in 1kg packages, for example a 1kg packet of curry paste can provide the chef with five to six liters of curry which enables chefs to handle large scale orders with ease. Apart from the current range of products, FSIL plans to diversify its Karamat line further in the future by adding more flavors. FSIL is not only limited to India and has a wide distribution network worldwide. It helps in bringing a customer friendly, easy to cook system with consistent quality to kitchens and chefs all around the world.

Apart from revolutionizing the process of preparing delicacies across kitchens, FSIL is also focused on improving and maintaining strict quality standards for all their products. Being ISO 22000 and US FDA certified, quality is their topmost priority. FSIL adheres to international quality standards through the use of high grade ingredients and latest technology. Their products are tested on various aspects such as, longer shelf life, purity level, accurate composition of ingredients, proper packaging. FSIL’s products are also free of artificial flavors, preservatives and are made from 100% natural sources.

Thus, FSIL’s mission is to bring innovation to the food industry by changing the way food itself is prepared: reduce cooking time and make the chef’s life easier, while at the same time maintaining and improving the quality of food served at eateries across the world. FSIL’s manufacturing facility is situated at Vamaj and Kalol, Gujarat, equipped with the latest automatic manufacturing plant, a well-developed R&D unit and quality control lab. In the future FSIL plans to expand its production capacity and introduce new food categories into its ever expanding line of products.

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