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How Catering Services Use Ready to Cook Products for Saving Time & Cost

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Life has got busier and more people are relying on ready to cook food every day for meals. Ready to cook food brings you the best of both worlds. Not only do you get to cook with healthy and hygienic oil, and in the clean kitchen of your home, but you also get to have delicious meals that you would have otherwise bought from a restaurant or takeaway joint. Ready-to-cook food is the perfect solution for making great meals for the city people leading a busy life.

Now, with the easy availability and the rise of healthy ready-to-cook products, even restaurants, and catering services are making use of these. It streamlines the process of making multiple products for different events and also ensures a consistent quality of food with minimal wastage.

What are Ready-to-cook products?

Ready-to-cook products are food products that are in semi-prepared or unprepared condition. Unlike ready-to-eat products, ready-to-cook products often need some further preparation before they can be consumed. For instance, a ready-to-eat food, such as noodles in a cup can be had just by adding warm water to the container. The noodles are already cooked, dehydrated and packaged. Once you add the water, it becomes ready to be consumed.

Ready-to-cook food gives you the freedom of cooking it the way you want it. Often, the cooking process is explained in the packaging itself. For larger events, ready-to-cook foods make a better choice since you can prepare the food right before the event and make changes to the dish if needed. One of the most time-consuming parts of cooking food from scratch is getting all the ingredients right and preparing the raw food, be it fish, meat or vegetables.

Here is how ready to cook products help catering services to save both time and money.

Increased shelf-life of food

One of the biggest advantages of ready-to-cook food is the increased the shelf life of the packaged product. Catering services can buy the ready-to-cook food in bulk and store them. Buying in bulk means having to pay a lower price per unit. They can store the product for much longer than how long they could store raw products. Since ready-to-cook products are processed and packaged properly in a factory, they have a long shelf life. Now, depending on the requirements, the chef can use the appropriate number of packets to prepare the food. For instance, a single pack of ready-to-cook gravy would make five to six litres of gravy.

Reduces the preparation time

Preparing food from scratch involves a lot of processes. This includes buying the raw food items from the market, cleaning them, peeling and cutting them and so on. Meat products need further processing before they can be actually cooked. This itself can take several hours before the cooking starts. Therefore, to save time, catering services make use of ready-to-cook food. Ready-to-cook food can be used to make an individual dish or can be included to be a part of a dish. For example, a ready-to-cook soup mix or cheese ball mix can stand out on its own as an individual food item. Something like a ready-to-cook gravy base can be used to enhance a dish.

Enables customization

The biggest requirement when it comes to ordering food from catering services is customization. Different events have different requirements for food. Sometimes, people order less spicy food, or sometimes, they order food with a certain flavour. Sometimes, there are special requests that are often a hassle for catering services. They may have to prepare food for a certain person separately. With ready-to-cook food, you can effortlessly make these changes, or serve special requests without wasting a lot of time.

Ready-to-cook food makes use of standard recipes that do not have an excessively rich taste or are too spicy. Therefore, you can make changes or experiment with the base item to suit your needs. Catering services make use of ready-to-cook food to serve those with special dietary requirements quickly, or to prepare food according to specific requirements.

Reduces food wastage

Catering services often prepare extra food so that there is no shortage of food during the event. Because of this, often, there is a lot of wastage of food. This is an extra cost that either the catering service or the client has to bear. Ready-to-cook food solves this problem.

With ready-to-cook food, catering services do not have to worry about food shortage. If there is a shortage, they can make up for it in little time since they will not have to cook from scratch. Moreover, the consistency of the taste is maintained.

Provides Hygienic Food

When preparing food from scratch, there are many ways food can get contaminated. Every raw item needs to be cleaned thoroughly, those who are working on preparing and cooking the food needs to ensure that they have clean hands, the chef needs to ensure that everything he or she is using is not expired. Since the dish is prepared in bulk, a single mistake can mean that the whole food has gone to waste. With ready-to-cook food, catering services do not have to worry about these at all.

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