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5 Must Have Sweets During Holi

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The festival of colors is spent in its own sense in various places. The term “Holi” came out of the word Holika, who is known to be the evil sister of the demon Hiranyakashipu. On the eve of Holi, a bonfire is set which suggests the Holika Dahan. Idols of Krishna and Radha are placed and worshipped in some places. However, talking about Holi, what strikes everyone’s mind apart from the colors are the sweets that are made during Holi. Food is surely the way to a man’s heart and ranging from kids to adults, everyone enjoys their desserts during this season. Here is a list of 5 must-have sweets during Holi.


Thandai Thandai is a chilled drink that is made up of milk and enriched with dry fruits. There are a lot of reasons why people choose to go for Thandai the most during Holi. Holi generally arrives around March and during March, the entirety of India gets very hot and to reduce the feeling of the heat, people generally go for Thandai as it is both chilled, good for health and made up of milk. Bhaang is also served during Holi. It is generally mixed with the Thandai. It is slightly intoxicated.


GujiyaGujiya is a Rajasthan based sweet which is picked by a lot of people due to its sweet dumplings. These dumplings are made using maida and packed with khoya and also a mixture of dry fruits. Gujiya can be of many types. Baked Gujiya is made using whole wheat and suji in the place of maida. Later on, it is filled with nuts and after baking, it is dipped in honey. Chocolate Gujiya is made out of stuffings like chocolate chips, cream and chocolate sauce. Coconut Gujiya is made up of khoya, dry fruits, nuts and flakes of tender coconut. It is later fried and served with sugar syrup.


MalpuaMalpua is originally from North India. It is prepared in all the households in the north India. It is almost similar to pancake. It is fried in ghee and later drenched in sugar syrup. It’s a pretty traditional sweet. However, not everyone might find too much ghee healthy. So, you can also go for healthier alternatives like Paneer Malpua and Ragi Malpua. Paneer malpua is made from cottage cheese and khoya. Later, kesar is added to enhance the aroma and the flavor. Ragi malpua is made up of ragi flour, whole wheat and also oats. It sums up to taste very well. The highlight is that it is healthy at the same time.

Apple Kheer

Apple KheerKheer, made out of condensed milk, has its own place in every Indian’s heart. Apple Kheer brings to you a combination of your most loved Indian dessert with a tinge of fruity flavor. It is made using red grapes, apples and cinnamon to enhance the taste. Grated apple is cooked until the moisture evaporates and it takes around 7 to 8 minutes. Cardamom and almonds are added for a greater flavor. Once the milk is properly stirred, it is allowed to cool down and then the cooked apple is added and mixed well. It’s an amazing recipe that can be cooked in any household.

Almond Malai Kulfi

Almond Malai KulfiAlmond Malai Kulfi is made up of a combination of condensed milk, cream, dry fruits like almond and saffron. First of all, ground blanched almonds are blended well in a bowl along with condensed milk and cream. Spray some saffron in the milk and then add the blended mixture to it. Later, some pistachio is toasted, chopped and blended with the mixture. This is now set in a matki (a small pot) and covered with a butter paper. Now, it is refrigerated and served chilled.

These are the top 5 desserts that one must try during Holi. Holi is a season of craze, love, fun, joy and of course food! Food is what brings people closer. That is why, the ideal option is to invite your loved ones, both family and friends over and treat them with your own hand-made Indian Holi desserts. This way, nobody is left unhappy. Try it out!

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