Millenium of MULTI – from the dining to fast dining

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It has been rightly said that ‘Change is the only constant’.

Each and every aspect changes and evolves constantly improvising in its own way. Food segment is no exception to this rule. From the days of food laari to the days of food wagons, this fragment has seen its own share of modifications and innovations through the changing times.

Taking a sneak peek into the good old days, food used to be a very home-made concept wherein the ladies of the house used to cook for their families. Visiting restaurants and having outside food used to be a very rare and one-of thing. Even the cuisines were quite basic and limited to Indian food of different regions.

But this has changed with the changing times. This millennium of 21st century has completely changed the way food has been perceived and consumed.

This millennium is the ‘Millennium of Multi’.  Multiple food options, multiple cuisines, multiple restaurants, multiple tastes, etc. From the factors like nuclear and working families to the increasing demands of each family member to the awareness and liking for different types of national and international cuisines, the food industry has seen a delta of revolution as a whole.

The current food trends are an equal mix of fine dining and street food, restaurants and food wagons, national cuisines and international tastes. To fulfil the demands of the customers, players of HoReCa segment venture into innovative ways.

With the increase in the number of working professionals, the trend of eating out has been on the rise. And with the decrease in the amount of time people have, the concept of fine dining is quickly changing to fast dining. People look for places that serve multiple cuisines and are quick in their service to satiate their hunger pangs.

Thus, the inclination towards multi cuisine restaurants, food trucks and food wagons has been escalating more than ever.

But at the same time, it is not easy for the owners and the chefs to satisfy their customers with multiple cuisines, quick service, best quality and yummy taste at all times. This is where, Food Solutions India Ltd.’s products of ready-to-cook food items come to their rescue. With our wide range of ready-to-cook products, it becomes possible to make food quicker, better and yummier.

Our brand ‘Karamat’ is a specially designed product line of ready-to-cook food dishes which helps the food suppliers like the owners and chefs of restaurants, hotels, canteens, food wagons, etc. and all such places wherein bulk kitchens are required to cook faster and superior. ‘Karamat’ presents all the types of North Indian gravies, South Indian chutneys and batter, West Indian curries and many other ready-to-cook products which when just mixed with water gives you the entire dish ready. The best thing about our products is that it gives the liberty to the chefs to add their signature taste to the dishes making them unique to their own tastes and styles.

So make the right choice by choosing ‘Karamat’ products to help you and your business to prosper in all the aspects of creating a brand value and a loyal customer base as well as making it a financially profitable and viable venture in its entirety.

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