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4 Dishes You Never Knew You Could Make With Mangoes

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Mangoes are those fruits that are both delicious and carry a lot of health benefits. It’s very good for the skin, considering that it contains beta-carotene which helps in the glow of the skin. It also contains Vitamin A which prevents damage to the cells, and also improves vision. Vitamin C that lowers cholesterol is also present in a mango. It tends to maintain blood pressure and heart rates. Fiber is present in mango that makes digestion easier. It also protects you from heat strokes. Mangoes can be consumed in various forms and every form will absolutely please you. Here is a list of dishes that you had no idea you could make using mangoes. Try these dishes in this summer!

Corn and Mango Salad
Corn and mango saladCorn and mango salad is a sweet and sour combination of salad that is made out of raw mangoes. The corn is supposed to be lightened in boiling salt water till it’s tender. However, you need to make sure that it is not over cooked. After this, drain the water and set the corn aside. Cut onions, red peppers, raw mangoes, pineapple, and avocado into fine pieces. Cherry tomatoes need to be cut into half and then, basil and cilantro are added. Some lemon juice is squeezed now and salt and pepper are added. This mixture is filled in taco shells later on, while serving.

Mango Cheesecake
Mango cheesecakeMango cheesecake is pretty delicious and can be made easily at home too. Biscuits are first crushed and powdered using a food processor. Butter is melted and the biscuits are added and mixed. Sugar is now added and then the base of the cake jar is lined with the mixture and patted with a rounded spoon or something like a mini bowl. It is made solid and hard. Now, gelatin is sprinkled in water and kept aside. Now, we might have the need to use a double boiler to add the mango pulp, sugar, salt, yolk etc. This is mixed and cooked well. When this mixture is warm enough, the gelatin mixture is added and continued to stir till the coating is absolutely perfect. It is then removed from the heat and left to cool down till the custard is set. Cream is whipped till it becomes thick enough and then, when the mixture/custard is ready, cheese, curd and then cream is folded and the mixture is put in the fridge overnight. Using a blunt knife, a piece is cut out and served chill.

Mango Mousse
Mango mousseMango mousse is a tasty dessert which would end up satisfying both your heart and your stomach. Mango pulp, cinnamon and sugar are added to a pan and gelatin is added to water and it is allowed to soak for a while. The mango mixture is heated and stirred for some time more, till it becomes warm enough. After it is perfectly warm, the gelatin is added and the stirring process is continued. After it is removed from heat, some lemon juice is squeezed and then transferred to serving glasses. Then it is allowed to cool and set. Later on, a piping bag can be used to decorate it with cream. You can finally serve it after adorning the dish with mango slices.

Aamiya Ka Panna
Aamiya ka panna Aamiya ka panna is a chilled drink made from mangoes, jeera and mint leaves. It is preferred a lot in summer. Mangoes are boiled till they become very tender and soft. Another sign of them being boiled is the discoloration of their skin. Put it aside for a while till it cools down. After that, squeeze out the pulp of the mangoes and then mix sugar, salt, cumin seeds and mint leaves along with the mangoes and then blend them together with 2 cups of water. After this is done, add some ice in the serving glasses and then transfer the panna to the serving glasses.

All the above dishes are quite easy to cook, sitting back home. Mangoes are generally used to make desserts. However, the first dish in our list is a salad, which is made using raw mangoes. So, mangoes can be used in dishes that could be anything, be it a salad or a dessert.

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