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Major Difference between North Indian and South Indian Food

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For a food aficionado, whether the dishes are north Indian or south Indian, they do not matter.  All that matters to them is the taste.  Our country is known for its diversity in culture and traditions.  The same diversity is observed in the cuisine too that are made by people belonging to the Northern and the Southern regions of the country.  When we sit down to identify the major differences that exist between the north Indian and the south Indian cuisines, we can observe the following things:

#1:  The staple food of the North Indians is the roti which is purely wheat based bread.  In this segment itself, there are a lot of varieties prepared like naan, paratha, kulcha, roti, and others.

#2:  South Indian cooking is highly distinguished by extensive usage of rice.  It is consumed during the day and night as well by many households.  There is a very liberal usage of curry leaves, coconut and its oil.  Rasam and sambar are a must prepare dishes for majority of the households down South.

#3:  North Indian cooking is highly distinguished by extensive usage of dairy products that include paneer, yoghurt, ghee, and milk when compared to the South Indian cooking.  No doubt milk and milk products are consumed in abundance down South but they are not included as much in the cooking.

 #4:  While the north Indian cooking has its bearing from the cooking techniques employed by the Mughlai, Persian and other cultures, the south Indian cooking has its bearing from excessive usage of sea food, vegetables and rice.

 #5:  There is an extensive usage of fenugreek leaves in the north Indian cuisine and there is an extensive usage of fenugreek seeds in the south Indian cuisine.  Garam masala is the most predominantly used spice mixture in North Indian curries and chilli powder is extensively used to prepare south Indian curries.

 #6:   North Indian food is creamier and heavier and South Indian food is spicier and has more water content.  While the sour ingredient used in the North Indian cuisine is Amchoor, it is tamarind in the south Indian cuisine.

 #7:  Coffee is the hot drink that is extremely popular down South and Tea or Chai is the hot drink that is preferred up North.

The breakfast segment in the South Indian cuisine comprises of a very vast spread that includes a wide range of batter varieties (idli, dosa, aapam and many more).  The same applies to the snacks segment too.  Paratha is the most common item in the breakfast segment and samosa, kachori and chaat items dominate the snack segment.

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