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5 Indian-Chinese Dishes Which You Can’t Find in China

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None of the Indians are alien to Chinese dishes, regardless of whether they are having it in a five star hotel or a three star hotel or a roadside vehicle that sells fast foods.  Chinese cuisine is available readily in our country.  But when we get down to the authenticity of the Chinese aspect in the dishes that we eat, you will be surprised and out of your wits to note that they are dishes which are rarely done in China and what we eat is the desi Chinese food that is yummyliscious to the core.

Now, what are those five popular Indian-Chinese dishes that you cannot find in China?  Here’s a quick list:

  1. Hot-and-sour Chinese soup:  This is one very popular way in which people start their Chinese meal in our country.  But, ask for the same in Mainland China.  You will get something of a thinner consistency that is served along with bowl full of noodles or rice.  The veggies used in here are quite different from the ones used in the authentic Chinese soup.
  2. Dimsums:  These are basic tea time snacks served in China.  We have the momos which are its equivalent and come in with different kinds of fillings.  Momos are easily available and are there in just around the corner too.
  3. Spring rolls:  These spring rolls are actually made in China with a purpose.  The purpose is to welcome spring and they are made in Cantonese style.  But alas, here we eat them deep fried stuffed with various vegetables and juliennes.  They are generally preferred to be eaten as starters or snacks.
  4. Chilli Chicken:  Chicken nuggets are deep fried after they are tossed in soy sauce and spices concoction.  Authentic Chinese chicken dishes are not at all dunked in soy sauce.  The Chinese are extremely frugal in whatever they do.  So they generally make use of the offal to make dishes like this which are available at reasonable prices.
  5. Chilli Paneer:  This is one dish you will probably never ever see in authentic Chinese cooking.  Paneer is totally unheard of in that land and one could get it in the form of cottage cheese.  Tofu in fact, is more preferred and popular in China.

Darsaan, American Chopsuey, sweet and sour sauce are just a few other Chinese dishes which we can find in India than in China. It is the love for food that we Indians have makes us explore newer avenues and satisfy our taste buds to the hilt.

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