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How White Punjabi Subji Gravy can give different taste than orthodox brown gravy?

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Gravy is the life of any subji that is consumed as a side dish with the different kinds of Indian bread we have, be it the naan, paratha or the kulcha or the tandoori roti.  Out of the different varieties of gravies we have, the red/brown gravy is considered to be the most preferred gravy for majority of the Punjabi dishes.  Slight variations are made to the gravy and it is used to stir a gamut range of mouthwatering Punjabi subjis.  If you wish to make something different from the orthodox brown/red gravy, what do you have?

Yes, the white Punjabi subji gravy not only is very much different from the routine brown gravies that we prepare, it is also extremely high in nutritive value too.  The main reason for this nutritive value comes from the ingredients that are used in preparing the gravy…coconut, poppy seeds, cashew nuts and mawa.  The goodness of coconut, cashew and mawa contribute greatly to the nutritive value as well as enrich the taste of the gravies too.  Sometimes, yogurt is also added to the gravies to enhance the taste of the curry.

If people like the sharpness that the spices and condiments bring along, cashew and poppy seeds can be soaked and ground together so that the curry gets a distinct flavor and can be relished with different varieties of rice.

White gravy curries are a common occurrence in Punjabi cuisine as well as in Rajput cuisine too.  The white sauce is rich in taste and can be used to cook vegetarian or non-vegetarian dish.  The main secret behind the white creamy gravy lies in arriving at the immaculate blend of spices that are aromatic in nature.  Garlic, ginger, paste from nuts…all can help get the white coloured gravy.  The aromatic gravy would definitely make any bland tasting vegetable taste good.  In case you are looking to make a wide range of gravy curries, the white Punjabi subji gravy can definitely find its place on your list along with the orthodox brown gravy curries.

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