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India has a wide range of food verities across different region. With diverse culture and weather conditions, the food also differs from state to state. India is an economic powerhouse with ever increasing population and increased spending capacity of middle class. The food, drink and hospitality industry is growing at a rapid rate, and is always looking for innovative and quality products which can reduce their efforts and save time! This is where our ready to cook food products can be helpful to HoReCa segment. We pride ourselves on being the top HoReCa Food Supplies Specialist from India.

With the ever changing needs of customers, hospitality staff has to be on their toes to keep the customers happy! With Hotels, Restaurants and Catering services segment, mostly basic food like gravies, sauces, chutney etc is produced in bulk and stored for later use. This sometimes results in quality compromise, which is not good for health of the customers. Our ready to cook products helps you in serving quality food every time. E.g. you can make Punjabi curry from our ready to cook curries which will hardly take 30-40 minutes, and it can be produced in bulk as per your liking.

We are hotel food supplier providing innovative ready to cook products which helps chef save his time and concentrate on other important tasks. We not only minimize the time consumed to make a dish, but also help you minimize the cost. As you don’t have to prepare the same curry again and again, it saves your cost on ingredients, gas / power and workers. Catering service providers can use our products to quickly prepare food in bulk. We are Ahmedabad based HoReCa food supplier, but we have distributors all across Gujarat, India and abroad. Our products come in commercial packaging, so it has longer shelf life. Please get in touch with us for any HoReCa Food Supplies query today!

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