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Surprising Health Benefits of Garlic You Never Knew Before

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Garlic is one such ingredient that is extremely popular among various cuisines across the world.  Belonging to the lily family like the shallots, onions as well as leeks, garlic has a distinct aroma.  Garlic contributes heavily to the taste of any kind of a dish.  In addition to that it also contributes greatly to the health of the person who is eating it.

Let us just check out the various health benefits that garlic will bring forth if consumed in the right portions.

  • It builds up the immunity of the individual.  Right from warding off the person against colds to coughs, garlic keeps the immune system of the person intact.  It in short reduces the frequency with which a person may fall sick.
  • Garlic has a specific sulfur compound by name allicin in abundant quantities.  This helps in restoring the good health of the hair.  Garlic infused with coconut oil and massaged into the scalp will definitely delay greying of hair.
  • The antioxidants that are present in garlic kill the bacteria that are responsible for pimples.  Rubbing a sliced clove on the pimple is an ideal treatment.
  • Garlic has numerous anti-inflammatory properties and hence is found to be ideal in dealing with the problems that psoriasis poses.
  • Garlic when consumed daily is found to mitigate the stored fat levels in the body.  It also has an effect on the cholesterol levels too, enhances the HDL and mitigates the LDL.
  • Garlic when taken by a lactating mother, enhances the production of milk.  Breast milk is considered as the richest source of vitamins and minerals to the new borns.
  • It is considered as a good life extender.  It contributes a great deal towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • This herb increases the serotonin levels that are produced and this serotonin is popular for elevating depressed moods.

In a nutshell, this herb contributes abundantly to healthy living!

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