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5 Basic Tips For Handling Food Safety in Hotels

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As food being one of the basic necessities of life, it is very important to take care of food while cooking. Although food processing and manufacturing is a challenging career, it has its perks. Food Safety Standards need to be maintained especially when one is working with Hotels or Restaurants. In this age of social media, if you make a single mistake, your customers will post it all over social media platforms and can ruin the reputation of your hotel. The best tactic to keep your reputation intact and keep increasing your sales is to practice proper restaurant food safety at your promises. Here is few food handling safety tips to keep your customers safe from any illness and keep them coming back for more.

Proper clothing and footwear

It is one the most basic yet most neglected part of food processing industry. Proper clothing and footwear can save you from lot of hassles.  E.g. Food processing person needs to wear proper gloves which don’t allow direct contact to the food. If this is maintained properly with utmost care, then lot of blunders can be avoided. Also person handling or making the food needs to remove all jewellery pieces from hands, so that no bacteria can be transmitted.

Proper Sanitation Techniques

Healthy sanitation techniques are different than just cleaning the tables. First of all, your hands should be very clean and properly sanitized, so no bacteria can be transferred. While cleaning the leftover food, make sure you don’t drop anything on the floor. Clean the food preparation area with hot soapy water, and then wipe it with clean cloth to avoid chemical contamination. Industrial sanitizers can also be used to clean the area and make it healthy for food preparation.

Cleaning of Tools & Equipment

Just cleaning and sanitization of employees and place is not enough, you have to be very careful with cooking tools, vessels and equipment used in the food processing. They have to be cleaned properly with hot water and cleaning chemicals to make sure it can be used next time. It would be wise to use antibacterial cleaning material to keep all the tools away from harmful bacteria. Along with containers and other tools, supplementary equipment which are used inside restaurant kitchen should be properly cleaned.

Pest Control

It can be disastrous for hotel’s reputation and customer’s health if insects or bugs are found in the food. You have to make sure that the premise is not having any pests, flies, bugs or insects. Proper pest control routine should be followed to maintain the hygiene. Also, while doing pest control, make sure that food is not exposed to harmful chemicals, otherwise it can be dangerous for the person eating the food.

Staff Training

Kitchen workers and food handlers should be trained properly on safety precautions. Doesn’t matter whether they work for hotel, restaurant or catering service provider, basic safety training along with allergy risks should be known to them for proper guidance. They should be trained to maintain temperature for high volume foods, so that food poisoning can be avoided. Regular training sessions should be organized for letting staff know about changes in menu, its precautions and safety measures.

Food safety is a critical issue, and can make or break the reputation of your hotel. All restaurant and hotel owners where food is served should properly implement above mentioned points for healthy and eatable food.

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