importance of food safety in hospitality sector
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Importance of Food Safety in the hospitality sector

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Maintaining food safety and hygiene according to the standards is a challenging task, especially in the hospitality sector. Before cooking anything, chef has to ensure that food is edible and would not create any health hazards for the customers; but with the increased rush and pressure to deliver food quickly, these standards are hardly followed. Health department has been really active since last few months in India, health inspectors randomly check even 3 star and 5 star hotel kitchens to check food and kitchen feasibility. If health department finds any problem in the hotel’s kitchen, they might have to pay the fine, and it can seriously damage hotel’s brand image.

Consequences of Food Safety regulations

  • – Food safety awareness is increasing day by day, and in many countries it is an offence to serve food that is injurious to health and doesn’t comply with safety procedures.
  • – Hotels /restaurants who serve unhealthy food that can cause illness or food poisoning can be prosecuted and liable for compensation claims or fines.
  • – It is important for retaining the license to operate the business.
  • – If you want your customers to come back to your hotel or restaurant, one must serve healthy and hygienic food.
  • – If the procedures are followed properly, food wastage at every step of the production can be reduced.

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