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Food Ingredients That Can Help You Reduce Your Weight

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Food that we consume decides the kind of dimensions each one of us ends up in.  When one consumes a lot of carbohydrates and that too in terms of rice, the calories that one would pile up on would be more.  So, if one wishes to lose weight, they need to concentrate on the intake levels of carbohydrates, proteins and fats coupled with vitamins and minerals.  And of course, one should not miss out on the goodness the wonder drink water brings along.

Water:  Some people say one liter of water consumed first think early in the morning will not only help tackle constipation, but will also ensure that 1/3rd of the daily consumption is taken care of.

Water Melon:  Consumption of this fruit would make one feel satiated and it is highly easy on our systems too.  In addition to the water content, there is also ample fiber and a whole lot of goodness coming along with it.

Broccoli:  This is an abundant source of calcium and fiber.  It is extremely low on calorie side and hence makes it a ready choice for people to have the same in ample quantities.

Cabbage:  This is famous for its immunity boosting capacity.  The vegetable is rich in Vitamin C and is also ideal as an ingredient in many salads.

Cauliflower:  This is a popular antioxidant and is highly rich in potassium content.  The vegetable has cancer fighting phytonutrients and hence is considered perfect at any point in time.  People can eat it raw and also steam it with a dash of salt.

Citrus fruits:  The citrus family is considered to do a lot of good to people who are looking for shedding weight.  Grapefruit for that matter is considered as an ideal source of Potassium, folic acid, Vitamin C, Pectin and a whole lot of fiber which help in fighting against atherosclerosis.

Lettuce:  Just consider the kind of calories they come in per pound.  Topping the list as a diet friendly food, this is considered as an amazing store house of Vitamin B.  In addition to this vitamin, there is also manganese and folic acid too which help in regulating blood sugar levels.  It also ensures the perfect immunity in the system.

Radish:  Making an ideal salad vegetable, radish is an antioxidant that is rich in potassium, sulfur compounds and folic acid.  The leaves too are having abundant quantities of calcium and Vitamin C.

Spinach:  Here is yet another leafy vegetable that is abundant in iron, Vitamin K and folic acid.  Additionally, it comes in with the disease fighting antioxidant called beta-carotene, phytochemical lutein and Vitamin C.

Cucumber:  This vegetable is high on water content and fills in the stomach too easily.  Sliced cucumber can be used to spice up any salad!

In case you are longing to shed those extra pounds that you have put on owing to your sedentary life style, do include these foods into your daily diet and be a witness to the changes it brings along.

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