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Karamat has introduced a wide range of soup mixes that are not only good to taste but also serve as a valuable source of nutrition for all. Available at the market in the forms of Tomato Soup Mix, Hot & Sour Soup Mix and Sweet Corn Soup Mix, these soups are quite easy to make and can save on undue manual labour.  Enjoy Karamat’s signature chef touch that comes with each of these products! All soups are available in 1 kilogram packages.

Tomato Soup Mix

Take in the brilliance of classic tomato soup in a brand new avatar. Simple, yummy and full of warmth, foodies all over the world have loved and respected this preparation since the earliest times. Elegant and classy, it makes up for a perfect start to many nights of fine dining.

Tomato soups can be very easy to prepare; however, it is a meticulous attention to detail that works to create a great taste. The chefs at Karamat have made sure that all the fine points of cookery are taken care of, and have brought a recipe made of only farm fresh tomatoes that are grown in hygienic conditions. Relax and take in the amazing flavour of Karamat Tomato Soup Mix as it is sure to satisfy all your taste buds, making you yearn for some more!

Hot & Sour Soup Mix

Karamat’s Hot & Sour Soup Mix is surely going to delight all those who love to immerse themselves into the lasting charms of Indo-Chinese flavours. Nutritious and delightful, this classic appetizer will linger in your mouth for a long time. The rich aromas of the Hot & Sour Soup Mix are a result of the fresh spices that are mixed under strict conditions. So go ahead and lose yourself in the rich quality and flavour of Karamat’s Hot & Sour Soup Mix, as it is sure to bring you a mouthful of happiness.

Sweet Corn Soup Mix 

An eternal favourite among corn lovers, Karamat’s Sweet Corn Soup Mix is a fine blend of delicious taste and rich nutrients. Made from only the finest corn grains, the Karamat Sweet Corn Soup Mix promises superior quality that works every time you try it. Crafted with absolute precision, the makers of this recipe have made sure that all necessary ingredients have been added in the right quantities, thus giving rise to this time-tested, classic broth.