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Curry – The real flavor of India

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Whenever we hear the word curry, we immediately start visualizing a plate of meat, fish or vegetables dipped in colorful gravy. The popularity of Curry has surpassed geographic boundaries and reached different parts of the world.

India is a country of diverse religion, culture and communities. This diversity is reflected in the food habit of people leaving in the country.  The curry dishes of Kashmir are very different than that of Kerala.

Curries of Kerala

Kerala is a leading producer of Indian herbs and spices. No wonder, the curries of Kerala are heavily spiced and hot in taste. Onions, Mustard, curry leaves and red chilies are used in almost all dishes. The traditional dish of Kerala is Sadya. It is a vegetarian meal served with rice and side dishes like sambar, rasam, payasam, thoram, butter milk, pickels, banana chips and many more.

Another important ingredient of Malayali recipes is coconut, used in the form of a paste or milk. Coconut chutney is served along with almost every dish, to balance the hot taste of spices. Preparing the chutney is not an easy job if you are not an expert cook. However, there is no need to worry. You can conveniently make this special add-on dish with Coconut Chutney Mix from FSIL.

Curries of Kashmir

Rogan josh is the most popular wet curry of Kashmir. Roghan denotes fat whereas Josh denotes energy. Lamb meat cooked with a variety of spices including Kashmii red chillies, tomatoes and flower extracts of cockscomb plant, smells and tastes delicious. This Wazwan traditional dish can also be prepared using mutton or chicken. Besides Rogan Josh, Goshtaba is another lip-smacking delicacy of India’s Paradise. It contains large meatballs, usually lamb, prepared in yoghurt gravy.

Curries prepared in the eastern parts of India are less hot to taste in comparison to Maharashtrian or Goan Curries. Roasted Onion, mustard oil, mustard seeds and poppy seeds are widely used in Bengali and Oriya dishes. However, being coastal places, fish and other sea food are popular in both these parts of the country. Irrespective of the type of curry you try out, you are sure to end up licking your fingers.

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