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3 Chicken Gravy Recipes For Winter Season

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Winter is in full swing, and here are 3 chicken gravy recipes for the winter season to keep you warm. You can serve these chicken gravies with rice, naan or roti and enjoy it to the fullest. These are some unique recipes which you can also try at home and serve delicious chicken curries to your family and friends. We have tried to combine mild as well as spicy curry recipes, so that it matches your taste and liked by everyone. So, let’s get started!



•    500 grams chicken

•    4 large onions

•    6 pods of garlic

•    4 chilies (green)

•    ½ cup curd

•    ½ cup fresh cream

•    2 tbsp Kasuri methi (dry)

•    1 tbsp black pepper

•    2 tbsp coriander powder

•    1 tbsp chili powder

•    1-2 tbsp salt

•    1 cup oil

•    1 spoon jeera


1.    Wash chicken properly and fry in oil till it becomes golden in color and keep it aside.

2.    In same oil add whole spices and let them mix together.

3.    Now add chopped onions and fry it and after that add garlic and ginger sauce, also cook it till it becomes golden.

4.    Add the fried chicken in the above mixture and fry for 2 min.

5.    Now add curd and kasuri methi and mix everything well.

6.    Cover the lid and allow chicken to cook for 8-10 min.

7.    As soon as curd reduces and oil start leaving add red chili powder, chopped green chilies, and coriander powder. Mix and fry for 6 min and adjust oil if needed.

8.    Add fresh cream and fry for some time and add salt and water as per requirement. Close and cook.

9.    Serve hot with Naan.




•    1 kg chicken

•    200 ml cream

•    100 ml coconut milk

•    3 onions cut into small pieces

•    2 tbsp garlic paste

•    1 tbsp ginger paste

•    1 tbsp turmeric powder

•    Salt to taste

•    1 tbsp chili powder

•    100 gm butter



1.    Add chicken, garlic and ginger paste, turmeric powder, salt, garam masala, chili powder and mix them well. Keep chicken marinated for two hours.

2.     Then place the pan on the fire and Put butter and fry up the onion till it becomes golden brown.

3.    Add the marinated chicken to pan and fry on low flame adding coconut milk slowly so that chicken can cook properly. Then mix the cream and add ½ tbsp sugar and mix them properly again.

4.    Serve hot with rice or rumali roti.




•    1 kg chicken

•    2 tbsp refined oil

•    3 sabut lal mirch

•    1 tbsp ginger paste

•    2 tbsp onion paste

•    2 tbsp ginger chopped fine

•    1 ½ tbsp coriander seeds roasted and powdered.

•    5 cloves.

•    2 tbsp salt

•    Ginger juliennes to garnish.



1.    Marinate the chicken in ginger and onion paste for half an hour.

2.    Heat the oil and add red chilies.

3.    When they darken a bit, add the chicken and cook at high heat.

4.    Lower the heat and add ginger powder masala and salt to the chicken.

5.    Add a cup of water depending upon how much thicker gravy you want.

6.    Bring to a boil, covered the chicken.

7.    Serve the spicy chicken curry hot, decorate it with the ginger.

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