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Challenges faced by Catering Service Providers

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Food is an essential part of everyday life, and catering service providers solve the issue by producing the food in bulk quantity and serving it to the people. Now, to produce the dishes according to the menu, raw or semi prepared food items are required for catering service providers. It will be difficult task to produce all the dishes from the raw food material for any caterer, so having semi prepared dishes like curry, dal or sambhar can be really good. It not only saves time to prepare the fresh food but it also helps in saving labour cost.

Be it staff catering for a large organization, or hospital and healthcare catering for multispecialty hospitals, the catering department is always under pressure. Student canteen or mess have their own challenges when it comes to food preparation. Here are few problems faced by catering providers in general:

Same Time Rush

Mostly lunch and dinner times are same for everyone, so catering providers feel the rush of people pouring in at the same time for food. Although the timing is known beforehand, still lot of caterers get it wrong and people have to wait for food.

Food Quality

It is really difficult to maintain the same quality of food when you have lot of other things to take care. Catering provider’s main USP is the taste, if it is not consistent, you will not be able to get repeat business. If the catering department is in-house, it is all the more important to maintain the same quality and taste.


When dealing with food, one has to be very careful about hygiene. When the food is being produced in bulk, one single mistake about hygiene can be really costly for so many people. Right from checking the expiry date of materials, to using glows for workers, lot of hygiene issues need to be taken care.


If you are providing food to aviation companies, you will know the importance of food packaging. Many inflight caterers spend lot of money on packaging, as it has to be top notch and protect the food from outside weather conditions. Even if you are providing the food locally, the packaging plays an important role. Even the quality of plastic bowl matters, if the customers don’t like it, you have no chance of more business.

Special Requests

Many people have special dietary requirements or some people are allergic to few food items, so they might request special food with lesser ingredients. Keeping this in mind, getting it prepared according to the requirements, and serving it to the correct person is a really tough task.

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