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paneer shahi korma recipe with karamat white gravy

Paneer Shahi Korma Recipe With Karamat White Gravy

Korma is one of the favourite north indian subjis for many. Most of the korma recipes use red or brown gravy with spicy taste, whereas today we are going to see Korma in white gravy. It is a totally unique recipe with unique taste. Paneer Shahi Korma is mild in taste and not spicy yet very tasty. Kids love it because they don’t like spicy food. When the soft white paneer Korma is cooked with Karamat white gravy, it creates an impeccable taste at unmatched quality. So, let’s not wait further, dive directly into the exact recipe below:

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chicken gravy recipes for winter

3 Chicken Gravy Recipes For Winter Season

Winter is in full swing, and here are 3 chicken gravy recipes for the winter season to keep you warm. You can serve these chicken gravies with rice, naan or roti and enjoy it to the fullest. These are some unique recipes which you can also try at home and serve delicious chicken curries to your family and friends. We have tried to combine mild as well as spicy curry recipes, so that it matches your taste and liked by everyone. So, let’s get started!

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chicken tikka masala recipe with karamat red gravy

Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe With Karamat Red Gravy

Here is a recipe that is famous around the world. It is not only famous in India, but also in Europe, America and other parts of the world. It is something really unique about Chicken Tikka that it is loved all over the world. The spices mixed in soft chicken and scrumptious Red Karamat Gravy will make it want more & more. Checkout Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe using our Gravy base and you will be able to make the dish in no time!

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