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Why Jains don’t eat vegetables that are grown under the ground?

For those who are hearing this for the first time, it may sound very astonishing but it is indeed a fact that the Jains do not eat potato, garlic, onion and other vegetables that are grown under the ground.  When you wish to delve deep into the matter you will be definitely enlightened when you arrive at the reason as to why they avoid these underground vegetables.

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7 Most Famous Indian Dishes. Which One Is Your Favourite?

If you are a food lover, a gourmet of a wide range of cuisines, the world across, you should definitely try out these 7 most famous Indian dishes:

Diverse is the term that is befitting to our country and cuisine as well. There may be many popular dishes but I am going to give out my personal favorites list…the top 7 that you MUST taste to experience the richness that is there in the dishes. Continue reading

Gujarati Thali

Why Gujarati food is sweeter compared to food from other states?

Each state has its own distinct flavor as far as its cuisine is concerned. There is some kind of a trademark, of every state, that one tends to remember the moment one takes the name of the specific state. The same applies to Gujarat too.

Gujarati food is sweeter when compared to food from other states. Even their pickles are predominantly sweet. Why? Let us delve deep into the reasons for the same.

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