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Challenges faced by Caterers

Challenges faced by Catering Service Providers

Food is an essential part of everyday life, and catering service providers solve the issue by producing the food in bulk quantity and serving it to the people. Now, to produce the dishes according to the menu, raw or semi prepared food items are required for catering service providers. It will be difficult task to produce all the dishes from the raw food material for any caterer, so having semi prepared dishes like curry, dal or sambhar can be really good. It not only saves time to prepare the fresh food but it also helps in saving labour cost.

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importance of food safety in hospitality sector

Importance of Food Safety in the hospitality sector

Maintaining food safety and hygiene according to the standards is a challenging task, especially in the hospitality sector. Before cooking anything, chef has to ensure that food is edible and would not create any health hazards for the customers; but with the increased rush and pressure to deliver food quickly, these standards are hardly followed. Health department has been really active since last few months in India, health inspectors randomly check even 3 star and 5 star hotel kitchens to check food and kitchen feasibility. If health department finds any problem in the hotel’s kitchen, they might have to pay the fine, and it can seriously damage hotel’s brand image.

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food safety tips for hotels

5 Basic Tips For Handling Food Safety in Hotels

As food being one of the basic necessities of life, it is very important to take care of food while cooking. Although food processing and manufacturing is a challenging career, it has its perks. Food Safety Standards need to be maintained especially when one is working with Hotels or Restaurants. In this age of social media, if you make a single mistake, your customers will post it all over social media platforms and can ruin the reputation of your hotel. The best tactic to keep your reputation intact and keep increasing your sales is to practice proper restaurant food safety at your promises. Here is few food handling safety tips to keep your customers safe from any illness and keep them coming back for more.

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chicken gravy recipes for winter

3 Chicken Gravy Recipes For Winter Season

Winter is in full swing, and here are 3 chicken gravy recipes for the winter season to keep you warm. You can serve these chicken gravies with rice, naan or roti and enjoy it to the fullest. These are some unique recipes which you can also try at home and serve delicious chicken curries to your family and friends. We have tried to combine mild as well as spicy curry recipes, so that it matches your taste and liked by everyone. So, let’s get started!

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Ready To Cook Gravies For Catering Service Providers

Ready To Cook Gravies – Boon For Catering Service Providers

Making consistent gravies every time is a tough challenge for chefs, who need time and skill to get it perfect every time. However, there are increasingly good explanations for chefs to at least consider the advantages of instant gravies brands available to the market. Making consistent sauces every time is a great challenge for chefs and chefs does not compromise with their dish, so at that time ready to cook gravies are blessing for catering service providers.

There are several benefits of ready-to-cook gravies which are as follow:

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