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paneer shahi korma recipe with karamat white gravy

Paneer Shahi Korma Recipe With Karamat White Gravy

Korma is one of the favourite north indian subjis for many. Most of the korma recipes use red or brown gravy with spicy taste, whereas today we are going to see Korma in white gravy. It is a totally unique recipe with unique taste. Paneer Shahi Korma is mild in taste and not spicy yet very tasty. Kids love it because they don’t like spicy food. When the soft white paneer Korma is cooked with Karamat white gravy, it creates an impeccable taste at unmatched quality. So, let’s not wait further, dive directly into the exact recipe below:

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ready to cook gravies for horeca

Ready to Cook Gravies for HoReCa Segment

The way to man’s heart goes from his stomach. The tasty food is very important when it comes to cooking. We mostly go to Restaurants for the weekends or celebrations. The food at the Restaurants tastes always the same whether it is Punjabi, South Indian, Gujarati etc. How do they manage to keep the same best taste and quality every time? Well, one of the secrets is the utilization of “Ready to Cook Gravies“.

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importance of food safety in hospitality sector

Importance of Food Safety in the hospitality sector

Maintaining food safety and hygiene according to the standards is a challenging task, especially in the hospitality sector. Before cooking anything, chef has to ensure that food is edible and would not create any health hazards for the customers; but with the increased rush and pressure to deliver food quickly, these standards are hardly followed. Health department has been really active since last few months in India, health inspectors randomly check even 3 star and 5 star hotel kitchens to check food and kitchen feasibility. If health department finds any problem in the hotel’s kitchen, they might have to pay the fine, and it can seriously damage hotel’s brand image.

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ready to cook gravies

Ready to Cook Gravy Mix For Bulk Kitchens

Food is one of the basic necessities of human beings, and since the inception of our breed, we have been consuming food to survive and grow throughout the life. Over the period of time, the process of preparing the food has also evolved. Lot of new techniques and technologies are employed to make tasty food with fewer efforts.  It is difficult to delight the customers with ever expanding expectations of serving the authentic food quickly! Hospitality industry is one such dynamic industry where customers always expect more and hotels, restaurants and catering service providers always fall short of those expectations. This is where Karamat Ready To Cook Gravy Mixes can help you achieve more in less time.

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