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Weight Loss Food Ingredients

Food Ingredients That Can Help You Reduce Your Weight

Food that we consume decides the kind of dimensions each one of us ends up in.  When one consumes a lot of carbohydrates and that too in terms of rice, the calories that one would pile up on would be more.  So, if one wishes to lose weight, they need to concentrate on the intake levels of carbohydrates, proteins and fats coupled with vitamins and minerals.  And of course, one should not miss out on the goodness the wonder drink water brings along.

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north indian vs south indian food

Major Difference between North Indian and South Indian Food

For a food aficionado, whether the dishes are north Indian or south Indian, they do not matter.  All that matters to them is the taste.  Our country is known for its diversity in culture and traditions.  The same diversity is observed in the cuisine too that are made by people belonging to the Northern and the Southern regions of the country.  When we sit down to identify the major differences that exist between the north Indian and the south Indian cuisines, we can observe the following things:

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