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Rice Makes It A Complete Meal

Rice Makes it a Balanced Diet

Rice has been and will remain to be a staple food of many people in India and also across the globe. It has indeed been a very important part of one’s diet as it is considered to be heavily loaded in carbohydrates that provide the much required energy to get people going, proteins, vitamins and minerals that are essential for the sustenance of the individuals. But, there is also a notion that rice brings in along with it a whole lot of calories and so people are giving up on consuming rice. People are looking for alternatives for rice. Is this anxiety valid? Through this blog, your attention will be drawn towards the importance of having rice and how it will give you a balanced diet.

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5 Different Types of Biryanis You Must Try

What is that one dish which comes to your mind whenever there is a special occasion?  Well, if you are an Indian, it has got to be Biryani definitely.  This is one dish which each and every section of people love it.  The masses, the classes, and all! Politicians distribute this during elections time to woo the voters.  Festivals are incomplete if biryani is not served.  Our country is rich not only in its culture and heritage but also in its cuisine too.  And the numerous varieties that are available in Biryani are an indicator of the same fact.

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