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Best Wholesale Food Suppliers for Restaurants

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Food Solution India Limited or FSIL is a pioneer maker of the ready-to-cook range of products and a prominent wholesale food supplier in India. They have been offering unique products to various hotels, restaurants, and catering service providers for ages. Their products are perfect for commercial kitchens as they are not only time-savers but also extend a chance for the chef to flaunt his culinary expertise. The ready to cook products carry signature taste and are of excellent quality. Their brand ‘Karamat’ which includes ‘gravy paste,’ ‘starters’ or ‘chutney’ add a magical touch to the cooking.

FSIL’s ready to cook supplies are available in bulk packaging.  These products are the most cost-effective and efficient way to save on food budget and food wastage. Most of them require to be added with water and spices which when appropriately stirred bring out a delectable taste of chef class. A 1kg packet of curry paste can produce about 5-6 liters of gravy for you. The products quality and taste and their reasonable prices have won them many clients of esteemed five-star hotels, renowned restaurants, and big caterers. FSIL has consistently gained positive reviews, and they are still introducing newer products which will be of great help to solve the challenges faced by the food service industry.

The ready to cook brand ‘Karamat’ offers a gamut of options from appetizing soups and mouth-watering starters to steaming South Indian main courses and sweet, sour compliments. These different varieties of products aid to reduce hours of tiresome preparations that hotels, restaurants and catering services undertake, thus making our lives easy. Again, at the same time, they do their perfect job of enhancing the taste of food, adding a signature chef touch of class. Let us look at the array of amazing ready to cook products of Karamat by FSIL that has helped the prestigious hotels and celebrated kitchen maestros satiate the hunger of their elite guests and create the inspirational menu.


  • Tomato Soup mix for the simple, classic, delicious and warmth-infusing tomato soup.
  • Hot & Sour Mix for richly and nutritiously blended Indo-Chinese flavored the soup.
  • Sweet Corn Mix for all time favorite classic broth of corn.


  • ‘Hara Bhara’ Kebab mix for the king of starter which combines the taste of the tender, succulent kebab and a tinge of mint and greens.
  • Cheese Ball mix for simple loved by all starter cheese balls


  • Red Marinade Paste for spicy touch and rich aroma.
  • White Paste for flavors and aroma for barbecue delicacies

Sauces & Chutney

  • Mint Chutney mix for the versatile mint chutney ideal for starters
  • Sweet ‘n’ Sour Sauce, a must-have tangy and spicy dip for crunchy snacks.

Gravies and Curries

  • Red Gravy Base for tomato-based flavorsome and colorful gravy.
  • Brown Gravy Base for onion based gravy suitable for aromatic Indian and Moghul dishes.
  • White Gravy Base for aromatic cashew nut based gravy.

No Onion and Garlic 

  • Brown Gravy Base
  • Red Gravy Base
  • Sambhar Paste
  • Biryani Paste for Biryani, a very popular and an essential preparation of South Asia Cuisine

South Indian Delicacies 

  • Sambhar Mix for Sambhar Daal, a heart of South Indian Cuisine
  • Idli Batter Mix a vital and essential food of South India
  • Coconut Chutney Mix for the favorite and a delicious complement to many South Indian foods
  • Dosa Batter Mix for the traditional and the versatile South Indian favorite, Dosa

Gujarati Delicacy

  • Gujarati Dal Paste for the scrumptious Gujarati Dal

FSIL’s ‘Karamat’ offers a plethora of ready to cook products and has won the confidence and loyalty of many hotels, restaurant owners and many other catering services. ‘Karamat’ brand’s story of its inception, challenges, vision, innovations, and achievements is highly captivating.

The best part about their products is that it lets your palate juices flowing! You can easily prepare the conventional as well as the rare Punjabi and Moghlai dishes with their ready to cook mixes. What is even surprising is that you can make several blissful deserts with their ready to mix product for the sweet relish, like ‘Karamat’s’ White Gravy Base. So, experiment and get delighted with your creative kitchen skills, that can be seamlessly achieved with their ready to mix varieties.

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