Best Indian Fish Dishes
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7 best Indian fish dishes that you should try

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India is a country lined by a lot of coastal water bodies and the idea of sea food brings us to the multiple varieties of fish such as Basa, salmon, tuna, king fish, hilsa etc. The very thought of fish makes your mouth water. Every fish dish is unique in its own sense and it needs to be cooked properly and not over cooked. That’s when you would get the peak of satisfaction that is supposed to be derived from fish dishes in general. So, here is a list of popular Indian fish dishes that you must try, either at your home if your hand can create magic in the plate or at a restaurant.

Bamboo steamed fish

Bamboo Steamed Fish RecipePeople used to go gaga over pan fried fish in the past. The new craziness in the picture is the very rich tasting bamboo- sizzled fillets. This is a dish based in Nagaland. And Nagaland uses an organic essence to its food as they decorate their plate in a much sophisticated way. Low spiced pieces of fresh fish are stuffed into a Bamboo tube which is hollow. This is later roasted in fire ash. This gives an exotic touch to the dish. These slices are lined in a bowl and showered with some red chilli sauce, to give the finishing touch. The flavor that turns out seems to be quite a delight to the tongue, accompanied by some spice.

Fish curry with lotus stems

Fish curry with lotus stems This heavenly dish is based in Kashmir and it brings to you its mighty mountain touch in the form of food. Lets move on to how the dish is generally made. Thick fillets of Surmai are soaked in an orange curry teeming which is apparently thicker than the surmai itself, along with multiple spices from the hill to enhance the flavor. Being made with desi ghee, the Indian touch is beautifully felt while the fish slips through your mouth. This dish is completed with thin slices of fresh lotus stem which unfurls the indigenous side of the dish. The fragrance that you get when cinnamon flows out of the hot curry as you eat it triggers your taste buds as it’s accompanied by other spices.

Ilish Machher Jhol

Ilish Machher Jhol RecipeThis dish is based in Bengal and it contains an authentic Bengali touch to it and a unique taste. It is made from Hilsa fish which is rather oily and it slimes through your throat like butter. It is immersed in a thick paste of hot mustard along with a layer of turmeric powder. This silvery glittery fish is later slightly fried in mustard oil and salt. Although the dish seems quite simple unlike the other general Bengali fish dishes, some of the flavored oil is added to hot rice and it’s topped with chilli and lemon juice to give it an astonishing flavor.

Kerala fish curry and coconut

Kerala fish curry and coconut Anyone can drool over this Kerala dish’s aroma. It is quite spicy and at the same time sour. Pieces of fish are drenched in tangy tamarind extract and tomatoes are also added to it. This is entirely opposed by the red chilli paste that is added to the dish. It is served with some delicious curry leaves and coriander. This dish humbly shows off Kerala’s organic spices and adds a homely touch to it.

Goan fish curry

Goan fish curry recipeGoa is the favorite holiday destination for people like you and me. It’s known for its beaches and parties. What is underrated is the delicious Goan fish curry which is accompanied with rice to make it a complete meal. It is made out of ground coconut masala, garlic cloves, red hot chillies etc. Curry goes on pretty well with Goans which is why curry is present in almost every meal of theirs. This fish dish is going to please your taste buds!

Machha Besara

Machha Besara RecipeThis Orissa based dish contains fresh fillets of Rohu which is unique in its own sense and different from the other normal fish curries. It also involves a special preparation technique. The Rohu is first soaked in a thick paste of ginger and garlic, which is lightly fried. Later it is cooked using a turmeric curry and it is served with toppings of coriander leaves, along with rice.

Masor Tenga

Masor Tenga RecipeMasor Tenga is a popular Assamese meal. This tasty and spicy curry is one of the delicacies of the state. It carries the state’s authenticity and culture. It is again made out of Rohu fillets, covered in mustard oil and salt. It is cooked with flavors of a turmeric based curry and it tastes the best with rice.

Go ahead and give your taste buds and heart a treat, as a way to a man’s heart is only and only through food. You can try our Brown Gravy Base or Red Gravy Base for preparing these dishes and add them as per your taste and requirements.

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