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5 Winter Foods You Must Have in this Season

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Your diet has to change as per the season that is going on.  Winter calls for minor adjustments in one’s diet plan so that digestion also is easy.  Of course, one should not compromise on the health factor either.  This article gives you an insight into the foods that you got to consume in order to remain healthy during the winter.   Here is a list of foods that are super cool in the cool wintery days:

Oatmeal:  Oatmeal definitely serves as a wonderful breakfast not only for the convenience aspect but also for the nutritive content it comes in with.  This food is found to be high in the quantities of zinc and fiber that is soluble.  Zinc is found to be extremely essential for getting the right immune function and fiber is a rich source for maintaining good health of the heart.

Broccoli and Cauliflower:  Winter witnesses a surfeit of cauliflower and broccoli.  Both these vegetables are rich in Vitamin C.  This vitamin is believed to enhance the immune function in the body.  Just in case you wish to benefit from the goodness that is available through broccoli, you can also opt for the frozen ones.

Cabbage:  This is definitely a versatile and low cost food for the winter.  If you have made a keener observation of the vegetable, during the summer, you would observe that it is very dry during the summers.  So, pick on the juicy cabbage that can be used as an integral part of any curry or salad.  The vegetable is rich in nutritive value too as it contains vitamins like A, C as well as K in abundance.

Sweet potatoes:  This starchy vegetable is high on carbohydrate and would make a wonderful sweet snack.  It is extremely rich in beta carotene which is an antioxidant and helps any kind of a damage that is done to the cells.  And, beta carotene when consumed would mitigate the risks involved for cancer.

Pomegranates:  When we consider the fruits segment, pomegranate would definitely top the list, regardless of the season for the rich nutritive value it is packed with.  Winter sees a surfeit of this and they are popular for bettering the condition of the heart.

Add these foods to your diet and you can take the Winter head on! You can also check out our full range of ready to cook products!

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