5 Types of Pakoras You Must Eat This Monsoon Season
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5 Types of Pakoras You Must Eat This Monsoon Season

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There would be no Indian household that does not know or has not ever made the quick snack and the most relished snack…pakoras.  This is also a popular Indian snack especially when had with a cup of hot tea and that too when it is pouring cats and dogs outside.  Easy to make and yummy in taste, there are number of variations that one could try with them.

Onion pakoras:  Onion pakoras are a huge hit with one and all, old and young equally.  These fritters are made out of channa flour or Bengal gram flour to which onions are added abundantly along with salt, chilli powder and ginger garlic paste.  To this, in order to enhance the flavor, one can also add a lot of curry leaves too and make the entire stuff into a batter.  Depending on whether you wish to make soft pakoras or hard pakoras, you can just add a small quantity of rice flour to it in order to get the crispiness.  Once the batter is prepared to the required consistency, small dumplings can be dropped into hot oil and fried till golden brown color is attained.

Palak pakoras:  This is something called snacking in a healthy manner.  To the above recipe one could also add fresh greens in the form of Palak.  Palak has a peculiar taste which makes one want for more and more after biting into one.

Bread pakoras:  With the same base as discussed above, in place of Palak, bread crumbs can be added to the batter and then dumplings dropped into hot oil and deep fried.  The taste of bread in combination with besan only gets enhanced.

Mint pakoras:  Who would not like the flavor of mint?  Of course everybody would like it.  It is just one’s creativity to make the pakoras and they will never disappoint anyone.  Add a bunch of mint to the besan along with ginger garlic paste, salt and chilli powder, make it into a smooth batter and the rest is the same procedure as one would make other pakoras.  Serve them hot with green chutney or some tomato sauce.

Cashew pakoras:  As mentioned earlier, sky is the limit when one is at innovating in various cuisines.  Take out the mint; take out the Palak or the bread or the onion.  Just add cashew and make the pakoras.  This is indeed a favorite dish served for during important functions and occasions.

Try out these different types of pakoras during the monsoon season and you can definitely win over many people’s hearts with your culinary skills.

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