5 refreshing salads during summer
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5 Refreshing Salads During Summer!

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Salads are what keep a man going during summers. They increase the water level present in the body and prevent dehydration, thereby. There are a lot of health benefits attached to salads such as lower risk of developing cancer, helps in weight loss etc. However, salads can be quite tasteless and boring, which makes you prefer ice creams and soft drinks over salads during summers. But one needs to realize that they are not healthy options. Below is a list of 5 refreshing salads which taste better than plain raw lettuce.

Mango Slaw With Cashew Nuts

Mango slaw with cashew nutsMango slaw with cashew is generally found in Thai cuisine. It’s the favorite salad of a lot of us, especially due to the tinge of mint present in the salad. Mangoes are tossed and then, cabbage and red pepper are added in the same bowl and mixed well. Onion rings can be added if needed. Lime juice is later whipped on the top of this mixture. Vinegar, oil and salt are also added in the bowl and the salad is decorated with some pieces of cashews at the end, to make it look and taste amazing. This way, you eat both healthy and tasty.

Orange And Arugula Salad

Orange And Arugula SaladOrange and Arugula salad is well known for the winter season. However, it’s regarded no less in the summer, owing to its delicious ingredients and taste. Fresh and juicy oranges are mixed with Arugula, which is rather peppery. This gives a mind blowing contrast in its taste. Some creamy cheese can also be used later. Sections of orange are taken and squeezed into a bowl or a vessel and then, balsamic, oil, honey, salt and pepper are added and mixed in the same pan. The rest of the orange pieces are left as pieces so that it can be eaten as a whole. Some amount of greens is added, and red onions are also mixed with the salad to give the finishing touch. Sometimes, vinaigrette is also used.

Pomelo Salad With Strawberry Vinaigrette

Pomelo Salad With Strawberry VinaigretteThis fruity and yummy salad is the best pick for a nice, pleasant evening when you want to intake something light and healthy. It appears quite colorful and includes a lot of fruits and fruity flavors. To begin with, lettuce is cut into much smaller pieces. Then, the lettuce is placed in a mixing bowl along with finely sliced red onions and pomelo. After this, toss the ingredients with strawberry flavored vinaigrette. After transferring the elements onto a plate, it can be topped with pomelo segments and served.

Green Tabouli

Green TabouliGreen tabouli is made by chopping raw broccoli finely. This salad is said to have anti- inflammatory and anti-cancer phytonutrients for a strong protection against diseases. The raw broccoli is combined with spring onion, parsley, avocado, pumpkin seed, spinach, mint, olive oil, lemon, black pepper etc. According to how it tastes like and according to your preference, you can change the elements that have been used. This salad is pretty tasty and is also very good for the immune system. It provides a fair amount of antioxidants.

Classic Greek Salad

Classic Greek SaladClassic Greek salad is made of tomatoes, cucumber and a lot of other water-containing ingredients. That is why it is very good for summer. In a mixing bowl, onion, tomatoes and cucumber pieces are mixed. Salt is sprinkled on top of this and the olive oil is blended with oregano and pepper for a better taste. Feta cheese is also spread or sprinkled at the end and olives act as toppings for this salad. The acidic juices present in the tomato and cucumber are quite healthy, especially during summers.

These are the top 5 refreshing salads during summer. Salads are the most preferred eatable during summers as it does not let your body get dehydrated. It also has a lot of additional benefits like supplying vitamins, minerals and the strength to withstand heat. So, go try the above salads out, either at a restaurant nearby or just at home as it hardly takes 15 minutes to make these salads in your own kitchen. These are quite simple as they require no cooking knowledge howsoever.

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