5 Popular Types of Cheese
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5 most popular types of cheese around the world

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Isn’t cheese something that would instantly lighten up your mood? Cheese has existed for over 4000 years now! Can you believe it? It has its roots in ancient Switzerland. Isn’t it mouth-watering to peep into different containers filled with cheese of multiple variety, shapes and colors? Cheese is that cherry on top of the cake which gives the finishing touch to any delicious dish. Cheese makes any given dish even more delicious. Cheese is used to plenty of forms in various countries all over the world. Through this article, we’ll take you on a trip throughout the world to find out the 5 most popular types of cheese in the world.

Roquefort CheeseFrance is the most well known consumer of cheese in the world. Roquefort is made using sheep milk and the mold of this cheese was originally found in the caves of Roquefort in France. It has a damp, brittle, sharp and a rather sweet touch to it. It has a distinct nutty favor coming from the nature of the sheep’s milk. It’s quite popular during the fall and it can be delightfully enjoyed along with nuts and honey.

CamembertCamembert is yet another cheese hailing from Normandy in France. It’s produced using cow’s milk. It is often referred to as “bloomy rind” cheese owing to its resemblance to the head of a dandelion. This is largely produced in France and hence, the quality can differ considerably. Cambembert de Normandie is the handmade one and Le Châtelain is the mass-produced one. It is produced using pasteurized milk. Normally, the aging period for this cheese ranges from about 3 weeks to 4 weeks. Camembert possesses a slightly mushroom kind of aroma. It’s semi-solid and can easily be spread on your dish. It goes pretty well with sandwiches, breads and other items that are baked or fried.

Parmigiano – Reggiano
Parmigiano - ReggianoPermigiano- Reggiano has its origins in Italy and is made using cow’s milk. Generally, people tend to get this cheese confused with “parmesan”. It should be noted that Parmigiano-Reggiano is produced only in Emilia-Romagna and Lombardia in Italy. It aging period ranges from about a year up till 3 years. Its texture is rather hard and crunchy. It gives a mild caramel touch too. It goes good when grated on salads and the even more harder rinds work well to give the finishing touch to Italian soups.

MozzarellaMozzarella is quite popular throughout the world. Yet again, it’s originated in Italy. It’s made out of either cow or water buffalo milk. Mozzarella is quite fresh and sold as “mozzarella di bufala campana”. Its color can vary from white to yellow, depending on the animal’s food intake. It’s generally sold on the very next day. The curds are heated in warm water before they’re turned into moist balls. It’s rich in its dairy content and is known for its creaminess. It is a pretty good combination with pizzas and varieties of pastas.

ChèvreThis is again another France-born cheese, made out of goat milk. Its aging period is not fixed. It varies. “Chèvre” means goat. However, in the U.S.A, the term itself directly refers to the cheese which is consumed immediately after it’s prepared. It is mostly eaten fresh. It contains a lot of fatty acids such as capric and caprylic acid that results in the lemony taste. This cheese tends to be moist and bright. It is often sold flavored with herbs or spices. It goes pretty well with salads, sandwiches and in macaroni. It is often accompanied with fried items.

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