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5 Different Types of Biryanis You Must Try

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What is that one dish which comes to your mind whenever there is a special occasion?  Well, if you are an Indian, it has got to be Biryani definitely.  This is one dish which each and every section of people love it.  The masses, the classes, and all! Politicians distribute this during elections time to woo the voters.  Festivals are incomplete if biryani is not served.  Our country is rich not only in its culture and heritage but also in its cuisine too.  And the numerous varieties that are available in Biryani are an indicator of the same fact.

Here is a list of 5 must try biryanis for every food lover:

  1. Hyderabadi Dum biryani:  Popular for its exquisite taste and flavor, this biryani is cooked under ‘dum’ and hence its special name.  Saffron and coconut are the two ingredients that add more spice to its taste.  Cooked in layers, it has to be arrived at the perfect cooking consistency with great care.  And then, one will just revel in its lip smacking taste!
  2. Lucknowi Biryani:  Having its roots in the Persian cuisine, this biryani too is made in a method called dum pukht.  The gravy and meat are cooked partially first and then both are layered in the distinct dum pukht way.  This is served in a handi that is sealed and is also most often chosen dish as it is low on the spices.  This is also known as Awadhi biryani.
  3. Malabar biryani:  Extremely popular in Kerala, this biryani is known for its khyma rice and the lingering aroma of the spices used.  Raisins and cashews are used generously during the preparation of this biryani.  Rice and the gravy are cooked separately and then mixed intensely before serving.
  4. Sindhi Biryani:  Having its origins in Sind, Pakistan, this biryani is for the spice lovers.  Made out of sour curd, and liberal usage of spices, this biryani is another sought after one.  Mitha ittr or kewra is the main differentiating ingredient when compared to other kinds of biryani.
  5. Mughlai Biryani:  This is an innovation from the kitchens of Mughal Empire.  It is the Persian kings that introduced this unique recipe…the unique procedure of cooking rice and meat in absolutely rich spices.  Northern parts of India are extremely popular in serving this dish.

Well, if you are not good at getting the perfect biryani taste, you can always make use of the Biryani Paste available under the Karamat label from FSIL!

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