10 Delicious Bengali Dishes You Should Try On This Durga Puja
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10 Delicious Bengali Dishes You Should Try On This Durga Puja

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It is again that festive time of the year where everyone is filled with a lot of gusto and energy to engage in the navratri celebrations.  Navratri celebrations entail with them not only the various puja rituals but also the preparation of a whole lot of mouthwatering dishes that one cannot ever resist.  In short, when one season gets over, people are already waiting as to when the next season would come in.

Here is a list of those 10 delicious Bengali dishes that one ought to try out during this Durga Puja:

  1. Sandesh:  Durga Puja reminds us of the fervor with which Bengalis get busy during this time.  And Sandesh, a very popular Bengali sweet is a must offer Prasad to the goddess.  Made out of paneer, sugar and milk and garnished with saffron strands, almonds and pistachios, it is just amazing.
  2. Luchi:  Talk of Bengali cuisine and it is just incomplete without the Luchi which is made out of maida and have a lovely light gold texture to them.  Sumptuous gravy curry is a wonderful accompaniment for the Luchi.
  3. Tanger Macher Jhol:  Every Bengali would vouch for this catfish curry.  It is the freshly ground spices and the thick gravy enriched with the flavors that entices people into having it again and again.
  4. Shukto:  This is considered is a very authentic Bengali dish and forms the first course in a meal.  A wholesome dish and an extremely healthy one too, is a must have during that time.
  5. Mutton Biryani:  This biryani is made out of rich desi ghee and masalas of course, fraught with the extremely juicy masalas that have been cooked in the tava along with the rice.
  6. Ilish Macher Jhol:  Talk about Bengali cuisine and fish occupies a very special place and this dish is truly indicative of that.  Hilsa fish is cooked in mustard oil that gives the dish its distinct flavor and taste as well.
  7. Malpua:  This is a kind of pancake that is dipped in sugar syrup that is topped with saffron strands.
  8. Kolar Bora:  Festive time calls for preparation of more and more sweets.  This is one dish made out of ripe bananas, maida, grated coconut and sugar which makes you long for more.
  9. Doi Fulkopi:  As the name suggests that is cauliflower cooked in curd.  Wonderful accompaniment to steaming rice.
  10. Mishti Doi:  None of the Bengali festivals are complete without this sweetened curd.

Try out these and many other dishes that will make your Durga puja special.  Bengalis truly have distinct culinary skills that set them apart from the rest of the cuisines.

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