Desi (Indian) Chinese Dishes

5 Indian-Chinese Dishes Which You Can’t Find in China

None of the Indians are alien to Chinese dishes, regardless of whether they are having it in a five star hotel or a three star hotel or a roadside vehicle that sells fast foods.  Chinese cuisine is available readily in our country.  But when we get down to the authenticity of the Chinese aspect in the dishes that we eat, you will be surprised and out of your wits to note that they are dishes which are rarely done in China and what we eat is the desi Chinese food that is yummyliscious to the core.

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Rice Makes It A Complete Meal

Rice Makes it a Balanced Diet

Rice has been and will remain to be a staple food of many people in India and also across the globe. It has indeed been a very important part of one’s diet as it is considered to be heavily loaded in carbohydrates that provide the much required energy to get people going, proteins, vitamins and minerals that are essential for the sustenance of the individuals. But, there is also a notion that rice brings in along with it a whole lot of calories and so people are giving up on consuming rice. People are looking for alternatives for rice. Is this anxiety valid? Through this blog, your attention will be drawn towards the importance of having rice and how it will give you a balanced diet.

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5 Popular Types of Cheese

5 most popular types of cheese around the world

Isn’t cheese something that would instantly lighten up your mood? Cheese has existed for over 4000 years now! Can you believe it? It has its roots in ancient Switzerland. Isn’t it mouth-watering to peep into different containers filled with cheese of multiple variety, shapes and colors? Cheese is that cherry on top of the cake which gives the finishing touch to any delicious dish. Cheese makes any given dish even more delicious. Cheese is used to plenty of forms in various countries all over the world. Through this article, we’ll take you on a trip throughout the world to find out the 5 most popular types of cheese in the world.

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Mango Recipes

4 Dishes You Never Knew You Could Make With Mangoes

Mangoes are those fruits that are both delicious and carry a lot of health benefits. It’s very good for the skin, considering that it contains beta-carotene which helps in the glow of the skin. It also contains Vitamin A which prevents damage to the cells, and also improves vision. Vitamin C that lowers cholesterol is also present in a mango. It tends to maintain blood pressure and heart rates. Fiber is present in mango that makes digestion easier. It also protects you from heat strokes. Mangoes can be consumed in various forms and every form will absolutely please you. Here is a list of dishes that you had no idea you could make using mangoes. Try these dishes in this summer!

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5 refreshing salads during summer

5 Refreshing Salads During Summer!

Salads are what keep a man going during summers. They increase the water level present in the body and prevent dehydration, thereby. There are a lot of health benefits attached to salads such as lower risk of developing cancer, helps in weight loss etc. However, salads can be quite tasteless and boring, which makes you prefer ice creams and soft drinks over salads during summers. But one needs to realize that they are not healthy options. Below is a list of 5 refreshing salads which taste better than plain raw lettuce.

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